“Inspired Learners Connected to Positive Futures”
At Brooks High School we want to create simply the best learning place characterized by:
·        ¨ Young people thriving in a calm, safe, equitable and peaceful environment
·        ¨ National and international recognition for the work we do
·        ¨ Rigorous, innovative and challenging learning programmes
·        ¨ Excellence in relationships;  learning and behaviour
·        ¨ The development of creative problem-solvers (students and staff)
·        ¨ People who contribute to the local and global communities of which they are citizens
Brooks High School’s reason for being is  learning; learning for our students of the 21st century. We want every student to have a personal sense of direction; to be a lifelong learner who contributes to not only the local community in which they live, but to their global community. At Brooks we are relentless in our focus on creating positive futures and worthwhile lives for our students. 
At Brooks High School we value students who are:
Respectful, responsible, learners, focussed on a positive future for themselves, proud of our school, confident, aspirational, high achieving engaged, organised, creative, honest and who can build and maintain relationships.
At Brooks High School we value teachers  who are:
Passionate, dedicated, experts, mentors, coaches, flexible, nurturing, adaptable, collaborative team-players, reflective, inquiring, excellent at building and maintaining relationships with students, staff and the community, IT savvy, able to focus on excellence in teaching and learning.
At Brooks High School we value leaders who are:
Influential, inspiring, focussed, aspirational, aligned in mental models and practice, innovative, enthusiastic, clear about their moral purpose, trusting, courageous, able to build quality relationships as the basis for feedback and coaching of others, are clear about their knowledge of self, respected by others for their integrity