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COVID-19 Update 11th May 2020

Last Friday, it was confirmed that high school students will officially return to school on the 9th of June.  We are pleased to have clarity on this and really look forward to seeing our students again on this date.

Our Padlet pages and home work packs are ready for the next two weeks of learning.

As per the attached, government advice is still that students continue learning at home until the official return date on June 9th.

Joint Letter May 8 2020 Parents and Carers

Return to school parent fact sheet

Home Learning Week 3 and Week 4

Home Learning will continue for students for Week 3 and Week 4.  Please see the attached letter which was posted to families on Thursday 7th May.

Brooks High Week 3 and 4 Learning from Home Information

2020 School Photos

School Photos will be available to collect on Wednesday 6th May, between 11:00am to 12:30pm.  We ask that you drive past the front office and our admin team will be waiting with your order.  If you are unable to drive through during this time, please phone the school to arrange an alternative time.  

For enquiries regarding your photo order, please phone MSP Photography on 6231 5880.

Term 2 Home Learning Packages

As communicated by the Minister for Education and The Secretary of Education Tasmanian school students will begin Term 2 on Tuesday the 28th of April.

Students will be participating in learning from home either in online learning or work provided by Brooks to families.  Further communication will be received by mail by the end of this week - we have also provided links to this information below.

Brooks will still be open for students but only if they are unable to be supervised at home due to work commitments or other significant reasons.   If you are working and your child will be attending school please ring the school office to let us know, at least 24 hours prior to them attending as required by the Education Department.  Students will be completing similar work at school as they are at home. 

Year 7 Term 2 Home Learning Package

Year 8 Term 2 Home Learning Package

Year 9 Term 2 Home Learning Package

Year 10 Term 2 Home Learning Package

2020 School Levy Refund

For your convenience, below is the link to the online Student Levies Refund Form.

COVID-19 Update 03/04/2020 - Term 2 Information

n announcement has been made by the Minister for Education and the Secretary for Education that schools will continue to operate in the current way at the beginning of next term.  Education will be provided for your child at home unless you cannot do this because of work commitments.  Click here for letter attached.

If you have work commitments or similar and cannot support your child/ren, please ring the school in the first instant.  A form will need to be filled out and we will ensure you get this. 

By the beginning of next term we will provide each family with an app called Padlet which can be down loaded easily onto phones, ipads or computers.   Instructions will be mailed to families at the end of the holidays. The link to Brooks High School private Facebook pages, and email addresses will also be provided in this communication.

Padlet will not be an interactive app as this would breach privacy and protection protocols, rather it is a way of delivering educational programs.   It is fun, easy to use and requires little data.   If a student doesn’t have access to a phone or other device they can receive a selection of this work by mail at parent request.  Students can contact teachers via email or their Brooks High private facebook group/s  for communication.  

We thank you for your support at this challenging time and wish you all a safe Easter holiday.

COVID19 UPDATE 27th March

The Premier today changed his message on school attendance

from: Parents/Carers may choose to keep their children home

to: Parents/ Carers should keep their children home unless their home circumstances do not allow for this. 

If you have to go to work and you have no other care arrangements for your children then they can attend school from Monday 30 March at this time.

COVID19 UPDATE 25th March

Term 1 immunisations are now cancelled. New date to be advised.

Friday 3rd April is the last day of Term 1 attendance for students, the school holidays will be extended by 3 days.

At this stage, school will resume as normal for Term 2 on Monday 27th April.

Immunisations Yr 7 and Yr 10 on 7th April, 2020

At this stage Yr 10 Meningoccocal and Yr 7 HPV vaccinations will go ahead for Brooks High School students on Tuesday 7th April, 2020 starting at 9:30am. It is important to immunise students for their general protection. A catchup will be organised by nurses for anyone who misses out at a later stage.

COVID-19 Update 24.03.2020

24 March 2020

Dear %%first_name%%,

I am writing to share some information during these uncertain times.

At this point in time the national Public Health officials are saying that schools are safe to stay open.

However from today parents and carers can choose to keep their children home due to COVID-19 virus should they wish.   The Premier said that it is the parent and carers responsibility to ensure their children are safe and not mixing with others if they choose to keep them at home.  

Please message school if you are intending to keep your child/ren at home.

By Friday we will have some education packs which will be available from the office for students to do at home.  Please ring with a request for one of these or send a note to school.

The Education Department also has a lot of online resources that can be found at the link below and we have added some of our own.

Apprenticeship aptitude tests from Mr Bonney

and from Mrs Aufder-Heide

Mr McKinnon also has some resources for music students and information will be available in the office.

Yours sincerely

Louise Fisher